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Elwyn Burch Consulting Engineer


What is Eco- Housing?

An eco house is modeled on the energy and material flows of natural ecosystems, and thus enhances rather than degrades the environment.  Like an ecosystem, an eco house conserves resources (energy, water, food and materials).  It also produces resources or at least gathers more of them than it uses.


Philip S. Wenz

An eco house, also called a green or environmentally friendly house, is a residential dwelling that makes sustainability and environmental concerns a top priority in design and function. 


Jessica Ellis

Eco Housing is affordable, sustainable and easy to build housing.  It uses low energy, has low running costs and allows homeowners to leave a low carbon footprint.  Eco housing is the accomodations of the future. 


Elwyn (Ted) Burch B.Sc.(Hons), Retired P Eng. 

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